Shannon Appelcline Reviews Portal of Heroes

Shannon Applecline at reviewed Portal of Heroes and had this to say, "Portal of Heroes is a card game with strong fantasy theming that will likely be delightful to anyone who enjoys fairy tales or myths. Though the game is fairly simple, it nonetheless has great strategy and tactics that make it quite enjoyable as a filler game taking less than an hour."

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Cave vs. Cave reviewed on BGG

Caverna: Cave vs. Cave has another review today on BGG, courtesy of reviewer Red Player One, who says, "This is just a fun game to play. The decision space isn’t so broad that it suffers from a lot of analysis paralysis. It moves quickly, and I feel like I’ve really accomplished something by the end of the game, even if my opponent did it a bit more efficiently. It’s quick enough that it’s easy to jump back in and try again."

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Barenpark reviews on Boardgame Geek

Another fantastic review of Barenpark, this time courtesy of BGG user Angelus Morningstar who says, "There is also something remarkably joyful about creating a park for bears. Animals parks are conceptually appealing, which is complimented by the aesthetic experience of fitting your tiles together. The artwork is true to the design style of Mayfair, being softer than the highly rendered graphics emerging from the American markets, but the softer palate suits the feel of the game: a warm, fuzzy, if you will."

Cave vs. Cave Reviewed on Boardgame Geek

Cave vs. Cave is still on its way to the USA but it already has it's first review, courtesy of BGG user Angelus Morningstar who calls Cave vs. Cave, "An excellent distinctive take on Caverna that neither replicates nor replaces it."

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Under the Radar Reviews Barenpark

Our friends at Under the Radar reviewed Barenpark, and were even inspired to give you a Bear of a playlist to go along with the game!

They say, "Both variants play out in under half an hour. Because there are these two versions included, it makes it easy for us to recommend Bärenpark, particularly to families of gamers. The advanced version is a fun, light strategy game for those of you with a more competitive edge, but you’ll also have the basic version you can bust out when the younger children or great grandma want to get in on the game, too."

A look back at Costa Rica

In the far-flung past of 2016, Mayfair Games released a game called Costa Rica. Here's an excellent unboxing video from our good friends at Game Trade Media.

Man vs. Meeple Reviews Fight for Olympus

Jeremy Salinas and David Waybright have a youtube review channel I love. Here's their take on Fight for Olympus in video form!

Game Trade Magazine Features The Colonists

John Kaufeld has given The Colonists the once over for our friends at Game Trade Magazine, he says: "With its innovative twists on worker placement, its design filled with mechanics on top of mechanics, and multiple layers of randomization, The Colonists will give you a fresh play experience for many years to come."

The Colonists is a big game and there's a lot in John's review as you'd expect, so I encourage you to go read the whole thing right now.

Keith Law Reviews Barenpark

Our friend Keith Law reviewed Barenpark over at Paste Magazine and here's a bit of what he had to say: Bärenpark is a lightweight tile-placement game along the lines of Patchwork, both of which take the basic concept of Tetris—take a tile, possibly with a weird shape, and place it on your board, with the goal of filling all the open spaces—and turn it into a multiplayer game.