Origins 2011 - Day 1

Origins 2011 officially began today and we're having a blast! Our booth is the biggest it's ever been and for the first time ever the NACC qualifier at Origins is being played on the official "Table of Catan"( We are also proud to announce that Silver Fox Productions(a RAFM subsidiary will be releasing several sets(Vikings, Chinese, Egyptian, and Bavarian) of special edition Catan Minis.  You can view photos from our trip to Origins 2011 here on facebook: The majority of the show is still a head of us, so if you plan on coming to Origins please stop can't miss us, we're the show co-sponsor! Tomorrow the NACC 2011 Qualifier continues and we'd like to give a warm welcome and shout-out to all of our NACC 2011 players. We wish the following players good games: 

Charles Green, Chris Carter, Christopher Werner, Craig Clawson, David Fitzgerald, David Humphrey, David Johnson, Elizabeth Alex, Heather Ash, Karen Stover, Katherine Caldwell, Kellie Stewart, Kimba Munson, Kristen Wright, Lauren Janowitz, Lawrence Loiacono, Leo Alex, Linda Mazza, Marguerite Mazza, Michael Bobek, Mongo Bouchard, Phil Cottrell, Sean Hixenbaugh, Sean Shelley, Stephanie Haun-McKown, Steve Harrison, and Tom Rohn!

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