PGFN 013: Pretending - Pulpgamer Family Night Podcast

This Pulp Gamer - Family Night podcast discusses the importance of pretending in games. It also discusses Monuments™ and Shear Panic™, two great Mayfair titles. Please enjoy.

Travel through and take part in history with Monuments. There are several ancient wonders you construct while your historians document the activity of everyone else. This game really took us places and kept us entertained. I am sure this board game will be coming off our shelf for more play. Sutter's 
Express Shear Panic! has to be the cutest game to have ever crossed our path and was as much fun. You maneuver and manipulate a flock of toy sheep to reach different objectives throughout the game. Sometimes your ewes will be playing tag. Sometimes you will just be trying to avoid the shearing scissors.
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