Pillars of the Earth Builder's Duel Variant

One of our newest releases is Pillars of the Earth: Builders Duel™.  This game has an interesting mechanic for competing for advantage cards: you use seals (bidding tokens) to fight over who will take ownership of an advantage card.  Each two-sided seal has a value on each side, one side a low value and the other side a higher value.  In the game rules, anytime you commit a seal to a competition, you flip the seal (just like flipping a coin) and whichever side it lands on is the value of the seal for that competition.  Some players have disliked the randomness of this mechanic; others have said that they are not very good at flipping coins.  So Stephan Feld, the designer, has created a variant to replace the seal flipping of the game:
Any time you commit a seal to a competition, you have the choice of using the lower value for free OR using the higher value for a cost of two gold coins.  All other rules concerning the use of seals remain unchanged.  
We recommend trying out both ways of playing to see which you prefer.

For more information about this game please visit the product page on our website:

MFG4119 Pillars of the Earth: Builder's Duel™ 
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