Press Release September 9, 2005
Mayfair Games, Inc.
Mayfair Games is proud to present the following Press Release-
Barbarossa releasing in October

A new version of Klaus Teuber’s classic
Available in October!

About the Game:

A modern classic, Barbarossa is a great game for a party or a relaxed evening! Enter the fantastic world of this casual riddle-solving game. Share laughs with your friends and family as you create and master riddles! First, each player forms objects out of clay. Since the item is a riddle, your clay figure will only show rough contours. So there's no need to be an artist when you mold the rough shape of a dinosaur or a bug!
"Is it a living thing?"
"Is it bigger than me?"
...these questions might bring you closer to solving the other players' riddles.
When you solve a riddle, you are rewarded with points. You can also earn points when your riddle gets solved, but only if it's not too easy and not too hard! You earnbonus points if your riddle is solved in the middle of the game, but you lose points if it is answered early (too easy) or late (too hard)! Earning points is the key to victory, so put your thinking cap on and mold your best riddles in the clay of Barbarossa!

Creativity, Intuition, Logic, and Luck
Audience: Adults & Kids
Ages 12+
Game Time: approx. 60 Minutes
Players: 3 or 4

World famous Catan designer Klaus Teuber's first published game was a huge success from the very beginning!

Barbarossa was honored with the prestigious German Game of the Year (Spiel des Jahres) Award in 1988, and has been a classic ever since.

Barbarossa is a joint production of Mayfair
Games and its German partner Catan GmbH.
Made in Germany

Can you be the riddle master ?!!

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