Prof Easy and Glover are here to teach YOU a game.

Catan's Prof. Easy is providing us with assist with game instruction at Mayfair Games through the website and and he wants to teach you a game.  The professor is an instructor at the University of Catan and his classes are available on-line day or night.  Each class explains the rules of a game as Prof. Easy and his students go through the set-up and play of the game in 10 - 15 minutes.  At the conclusion of many of these tutorials, Prof. Easy will present you with a small surprise.  Games that currently feature a Prof. Easy class include The Settlers of Catan™, The Catan 2-Player Card Game™, Struggle for Rome™, The Settlers of the Stone Age™, Candamir™, Elasund™, The Kids of Catan™, Barbarossa™, Oceania™, Entdecker™, Domaine™, and Anno 1503™. 

Many Mayfair titles also have links on their webpages to a White Glove Demo video.  In these videos, the narrator and Glover will walk you through the rules of the featured game.  In only 5 to 10 minutes you will get a full explanation of the game pieces and game play.  When you bring up a webpage for one of our games, look for the Prof. Easy link or the White Glove Demo link, click on it, and enjoy.

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