Retailers "Rub Out" Each Other is Massive Family Business Game

Retailers attending the Alliance Open House (Oct. 8-9, 2010) took part in a massive Family Business™ Demo capping off the Keynote Banquet.  Visual Guides detailing how to set-up and how to play the game were distributed to every person at the banquet.  Our narrator played for them the new "White Glove Demo" of Family Business™ and stepped through the Visual Guide. After reviewing the rules, every retailer in attendance took the role of Mafia Don and did his best to put the other guys "wise guys"  up against the wall and rub him out.  Despite all the violence in the game, the overwhelming response was uproarious laughter.  At the end of the game, every retailer was given a copy of the game to take back to his or her store to demo to customers.  Given the choice of a keynote speech or playing a fantastic game that is still in print after 21 years, everyone in attendance seemed to agree that Family Business™ was the way to go.

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