Riding the Rails with Mayfair Games

You may not know it, but Mayfair Games is the largest producer of Train and Rail games in the world.  We're loco for locos.  And our various Train and Rail games fall into four separate categories.  Each one has its own followers and its own set of challenges.

Empire Builder™: 

The Empire Builder™ line covers many of the countries around the world.  It also covers a few places off-world.  Empire Builder™™, which is often most people's starting point in this line covers the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Other titles in the line will challenge you to lay tracks across Europe, Britain, Australia, China, India, Russia, and Japan. Fantasy fans can try Iron Dragon™ and Science Fiction fans can play Lunar Rails™ or Martian Rails™. All of these games are based on our "Crayon Rail" system.  You spend money to lay track (use your crayon to draw out the rails), move your train, and deliver goods to cities that are ready to pay you.  Be the first to build your rail empire and fortune and you win.  The Crayon Rail system is great fun for game lovers and families and can be a fun way to teach geography to younger gamers.


The Steam™ brand is our newest, and fastest-growing, train line.  Created by Martin Wallace, this system is incredibly flexible.  The basic game is easily understood by novice gamers and the rules are easily expanded to increase the difficulty and challenge of the game. Mayfair has already released two expansion products for Steam™ and we plan to release a number of additional game boards for the game every year.


 The 18xx™ system is our most challenging set of games.  These titles, such as 1853 India™ - 2nd Edition™1856™™ (Canada), 1870™™ (Trans Mississippi), and 1830 (Eastern United States) combine the challenges of engineering the "best" routes with the business and investment aspect of the most difficult finance games.  This is the system for those who want an intense game experience!

Silverton™ and Station Master™: 

These are two good examples of our stand-alone train game category.  Silverton™™ is a wonderful train board game that requires the players to plot their railroads, find mines, and market their commodities to create the most profitable company.  For those who prefer a simpler train game, we have a number of quick, fun card games.  Station Master™™ is our most popular, but Mayfair has also issued Express™, Freight Train™™ and Hell Rail™™ (for those diabolical players who prefer to conduct souls to their proper afterlife experience).  Try one of these if you are looking for a fast rail fix.

Trains played an important role in the development of the United States (and check out Settlers of America, Trails to Rails™™ due out this July if you want to combine Catan™ and trains).  Whether you are looking for a fun family game or an in-depth, intense experience, Mayfair Games has the perfect train game to help you tap into that history.
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