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At this time of year, there seems to be more movies and tv shows on Rome on television.  This makes us think about the great Roman themed games that Mayfair Games publishes.  If you have not played any of our Roman-themed games, here are a few that you might want to take a closer look at: 
Bacchus' Banquet™: 

Bacchus Banquet
It is 37 A.D. and Caligula is the extravagant Emperor of Rome!  It is a time of excess and intrigue.  You are one of nine honored guests at the banquet and you have a secret objective.  Perhaps you are there to eat and drink to excess or you are there for the many gifts that will be given out.  You might even be Caligula himself, or perhaps you are there to assassinate the Emperor!  Whatever your reason for attending, be careful not to sink into a drunken stupor or fall victim to the assassin's dagger or poison.  Running 30-45 minutes, this light, humorous social game for 3-5 players is sure to please. 

MFG4106 Bacchus' Banquet™ 


It is 79 A.D. and Pompeii has attracted you and your family as residents.  The city is famous for its many businesses, luxuries, and the cream of the Roman elite.  But the beautiful city of Pompeii sits at the foot of Mt. Vesuvius and all signs and portents are pointing to something unspeakably horrible in the near future.  It is August 24th and you will need to move quickly if you are to save your people from the fury of the volcano.  This medium-weight game is for 2-4 players and has an average playing time of 45 minutes. 

ASI5771 Pompeii

Catan Histories: Struggle For Rome™:

Struggle for Rome
The Romans rule over an enormous empire but that empire is weak and ripe for the plucking.  You are the leader of a barbarian tribe that is strong and ready to take over the lands of the once-glorious Rome.  The only thing standing in your way is the ambition of the other warlords who also crave these lands.  Be the strongest invader, plunder the wealth of the Roman holdings before you, build a mighty new kingdom of your own, and inherit the glory of Rome.  This game is part of the Catan Histories line and uses a familiar Catan resource generation system.  But there are new challenges waiting for Catan fans in this "Fall of Rome" themed game.

MFG3202 Catan Histories: Struggle for Rome™ 


It is the first century A.D. and Ostia, the harbor of Rome, is crucial to supplying the needs of the city.  The Senate is in constant need of supplies to complete massive civic projects and to meet the needs of the people of Rome.  You are a Roman merchant and you need to balance the desire to earn a profit with the demands of the Roman Senate.  Will you be clever enough to win the favor of those powerful politicians AND earn a fortune?  Ostia� is a game for 3-5 players and takes 60-75 minutes to play.
MFG4111 Ostia™ 
Have a great month and thanks for taking a look at these, or at any of our other historically themed, Mayfair Games.
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