Sheep Prepare for Season 3

The Bob & Angus Show will launch the first episode of season 3 on February 2nd with a new start time.  By launching at 2 PM eastern, the news rams hope to distract the public from their day jobs before going home to play games with the family.  Some spectacular interviews have been lined up for the next few weeks with Chris Baylis and Michael Rieneck.  It is also rumored that Klaus Teuber might even make an appearance on the show.

Notable holidays over the course of season three include Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day.  Angus was asked about his plans for the holiday season.

“I have the perfect game piece picked out for our ‘Finer Things” segment that truly reflects the love of Valentine’s Day.”

He would not tell us what that piece was.  Aside from a handful of surprises, the season will begin with a new segment answering viewer mail.

“This is likely to be my favorite part of the show,” said Bob MacWordell.  “It is funny how quickly this segment came about after our producer got his first bit of mail.  I’ve been trying to tell him.  I have already been getting thousands of e-mails every day, though most are for wool restoration.”

It is suspected that Bob might have exaggerated, but his enthusiasm for this new segment is genuine.

New episodes of The Bob & Angus Show can be seen every Thursday from the Mayfair Games YouTube Channel,, or directly from

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