Start Summer off right with a great family game!

Summer is a great time to play games with the entire family.  For those families with younger members, Mayfair Games has a number of titles that are challenging for all ages and featuring accessible game mechanics and rules.  Here are some examples:
Pack & Stack™:


It's moving dayand you have lots of boxes to load. Which truck is best suited for this load?  Move quickly to get the right truck for the job.  There are rewards for being the most efficient packer and penalties for bad stacking.  Pack & Stack™ is great fun for 3 - 6 movers and shakers.  So test your wits and find your cool.  It's time to get packin' and stackin'.



The Steam™ brand is our newest, and fastest-growing, train line.  Created by Martin Wallace, this system is incredibly flexible.  The basic game is easily understood by novice gamers and the rules are easily expanded to increase the difficulty and challenge of the game. Mayfair has already released two expansion products for Steam™ and weplan to release a number of additional game boards for the game every year.

Shear Panic™:

  Tote Bag  

You are a sheepfrolicking with the flock.  As youand the flock move from field to field, you play games of tag and try toattract the eye of Roger the heart-throb ram.  But be careful, the shearer is coming and he will try totake you away from the fun.  Don'tlet him pull the wool over your eyes.  Shear Panic™ is a fun-filled romp for 2 - 4 little lambs.

Elk Fest™:

Elk Fest    

Jules and Ollieare two moose on opposite sides of the river.  Each has decided that the grass is greener on the other side of the river.  By jumping from stone to stone, each hopes to be the first to get to the other side.  On your turn, you will flick "stones"to position them so that your moose can cross the river faster than your opponent.  Succeed in Elk Fest™, and the greener grass is yours; fail, and you end up wet.

Hey! That's My Fish!™ Deluxe:


This simple game of penguins hopping around the ice looking for fish is surprisingly funand challenging. As you gather more fish, the ice floe is getting smaller and smaller.  If you can't move a penguin, you lose it.  Hey! That's My Fish™ Deluxe comes with 16 highly detailed resin penguins and plays with 2 - 4


    A sculpting game for non-artists,Barbarossa™ is a great game for family and friends.  You will create a
    riddle in clay and the other players will ask questions to try and figure out theanswer.  If you make your
    riddle too easy or too difficult, you lose points.  You also gain points by solving other players' riddles. 
    So put on your thinking cap, gather 3or 4 players, and sculpt your riddle.

Whether you are interested in a game that features riddles and puzzle-solving, dexterity or strategy, Mayfair Games has a game for you and your family. You can get more information on these, and other great family games, on our website:

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