Steam™ heats up with new expansion

Fans of Steam™ will soon be building their rail networks in new places around the world.  The first of Mayfair Games’ expansions to Steam™ will be shipping out this summer.  The Steam Map Expansion # 1 will offer three new maps in a single pack and these maps will support 2, 3, and 6 players.  The Steam Map Expansion # 1 is for ages 10+, requires the ownership of Steam™ to use, and will have an MSRP of $24.

The three maps in the release are: 1) Belgium & Luxembourg (an expansion for 2 players competing to build an importing empire), 2) the Brussels Metro (an expansion for 3 players developing intercity transit), and 3) Mid-Atlantic US (an expansion for 3-6 players building railroad empires in the Civil War era).  Also included will be an extra sheet of Steam™ tiles.  These boards are sure to challenge Steam™ players with their region-specific rules and challenging topography.

Steam™ is designed by Martin Wallace; the SteamMap Expansion # 1 is designed by Morgan Dontanville with art by Jared Blando (maps) and John Austin (rules cover and background).


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