Tuesday Review Round-Up

Hey folks!

We're here with your Tuesday round-up of Mayfair Games reviews from around the web and around the world.

First, we have a 2d6.org review of 1830: Railways and Robber Barons.

They said, "1830 is a classic game for many reasons. When played well, the game is brutally unforgiving; you live and die by your own decisions. With no luck and no hidden information, your losses will haunt you and your victories will grow grander with time."

Next up we have RPGnet's own Shannon Applecline reviewing Test of Fire: Bull Run 1861.

Shannon said, "Test of Fire: Bull Run 1861 is a simplified and polished game that will appeal most to players interesting in trying out the warfare side of gaming. It's simple enough to be accessible, but has enough tactical possibility to allow for enjoyable play."

Check back every Tuesday for more of the latest reviews on Mayfair Games' ever-growing line of fun family, social, analog games.

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