Uncle's Games WWCC PQ: Eastern Regional 1 Report

Congratulations to Brian Saccomanno and Chris Nickell!

Uncle's Games 1st Eastern Washington Regional Qualifier started off strong. We had 16 players show up to play and compete for a seat at GenCon Indy 2010. The decks were shuffled and the boards set up to find a shortage in ore for the first round, and the second. Players were scrambling to find the precious ore needed to upgrade their Settlements to the coveted City status. Spirits were high throughout the day as players attempted to satisfy their cravings for Settlers (is that even possible?). Of the 16 players only two had what it took to progress onward to the Easter Washington Championship game. Brian Saccomanno and Chris Nickell took first and second with 2 wins, 37 & 36 points respectively. If you missed out on the fun there are still 4 more opportunities for you to secure yourself a spot at Washington State Championship Qualifier.

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