Uncle's Games WWCC PQ: Eastern Regional 2 Report

The quest for the Washington State Settlers of Catan champ continues!

Uncle’s Games second Eastern Washington Regional Qualifier started off strong last week with 39 players showing up to compete for a seat at the GenCon Indy 2010 World Wide Catan Championship Qualifier. The decks were shuffled and the boards were set up only to find the desert located smack in the center of the board. Players were struggling to find the best way to develop their settlements on such a crazy map!

As the day continued two players emerged victorious, each with three wins. Marc Swanson placed first, scoring 38 points, and Heidi Santone placed second, following close behind him with 37 points. Next week, both winners will face off against the winners of Uncle’s first qualifier to see who will move on to the Washington State Championship taking place this month on February 27, 2010 at the SouthCenter Mall in Seattle.

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