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Wacky Wacky West™:


In Wacky Wacky West you and your fellow town-folk place track tiles, street tiles, and river tiles hoping to destroy your rivals' buildings. Every time someone tries to build over a precious outhouse, the town votes! You try to enlist your supporters (represented by cards) to vote with you to stop or encourage the play of certain tiles-perhaps saving some of your buildings or taking out those of your dastardly opponents.

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MFG4104 Wacky Wacky West™

Settlers of America: Trail to Rails™:

Settlers of America

The 19th Century has arrived and Americans are heading west. Wagon trains are forming up and heading out to settle new lands and build new cities. These new cities will need railroad lines to bring in new people and necessary goods. Some head west for the adventure, some to start a new life, still others to find work. 

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MFG3203 Settlers of America: Trails to Rails
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