Wacky Wacky West™ is in stores now.

Wacky Wacky West™ is loading up the wagon train and heading out to a General Store near you!

Mayfair Games' newest release is now in your local store.  Wacky Wacky West™ is the newest release by award-winning designer Klaus Teuber (The Settlers of Catan™) and is a past Spiel des Jahres winner (1991, Game of the Year).

In Wacky Wacky West™ you and your fellow townsfolk place track tiles, street tiles, and river tiles hoping to destroy your rivals' buildings. Every time someone tries to build over a precious building, the town votes! You try to enlist your supporters (represented by cards) to vote with you to stop or encourage the play of certain tiles-perhaps saving some of your buildings or taking out those of your dastardly opponents .

Wacky Wacky West™ is a game for 2-4 cowpokes, ages 10 and up, and playing in about 45 minutes.  So saddle up your horse, round up your posse, and show those mangy varmints who's town this really is!

Copyright © 2010 Catan GmbH. "Wacky Wacky West" is a trademark of Catan GmbH and Mayfair Games, Inc. All rights reserved.


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