What To Do With Your Family This Thanksgiving (Or, Someone Wake Up Uncle Joe)

As the holiday season officially draws near, it’s time to think about how we spend time with our family. Some traditions have been with us for years, if not decades: a traditional feast of turkey and holiday football.

Groups of family converge on one house to share a meal and camaraderie. Often families see each other only at such events and need fun and social activities when not feasting or snoozing. Games can support varying groups of players and prove suitable for young and old alike.

Some might wish to play a long game, while others might find themselves with a bit of time between dinner and desert or while enduring an airport layover. We offer a range of games with a wide variety of themes and textures that your gathering should find entertaining.

This holiday, add one of Mayfair’s great games to your festivities and start a new tradition for your gathering. We encourage you to play one of the “games of our generation” and offer some game suggestions for your festive get together:

  • Le Boomb™! Perfect for gatherings of 3 to 300, this party game can be played at the table while waiting for food or for deciding who has to do the dishes!
  • Entertaining a larger group? Everyone playing a teen or adult? Try Bacchus’ Banquet™(Eat, Drink and be Wary) and Nuns on the Run™, Family Business™ (because it’s all about the family), Station Master™ (stick it to your friends with trains), Alibi™ (an intriguing family mystery game), Barbarossa™(the game of sculpting and 20 questions combined) and the Catan Dice Game™ (like that dice game “Y_____e”).
  • Just the two of you for dinner? Try the Rivals for Catan™ and perhaps the newly released Age of Darkness Expansion™: Rivals for Catan is the perfect two-player game for when you just have a little time to kill, with games typically lasting less than an hour. Add our upcoming expansion, Age of Darkness™ for a slightly longer game.
  • Want to play a game that tells the story of Thanksgiving’s pilgrims? Try Settlers of Catan™ or Settlers of America™. It’s the story of us and what could be more appropriate on Thanksgiving than these wondrous games about the real settlers.

Any way you choose, play a game with someone this weekend and have a great holiday!

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