When it is Better to Give than Receive

When it is Better to Give than to Receive:

During the Holidays, we hear that "It is better to give than receive."  And while, theoretically, we can understand intellectually that it is good for us to be kind to others and have a giving nature, our animal brain says that we want stuff.  Well, I am here to tell you that a number of Mayfair Games can show you that it is, indeed, better to give than to receive:


Settlers of America: Trails to Rails™: 


In Settlers of America™, players win by delivering their goods cubes to other players cities.  The first player to deliver all of his or her goods win the game.  Think of the joy you will feel as you give the gift of a goods cube to your opponent.  What joy will light up his face when he receives that special gift.




In Gangster™ you are trying to become the King of Chicago by effectively placing your "guys" around the city of Chicago.  But what if one of your rival's "guys" are where they should not be?  Why not give him a ride in the trunk of your car.  Whether you take him to another, out of the way district or to the lake (so that he can take a bracing holiday swim) he will know that you are overflowing with the milk of human kindness.


Bacchus' Banquet™:

In Bacchus' Banquet™ you are constantly passing gifts around the table to the other players at the banquet.  "Oh how thoughtful, Emperor Caligula!  A lovely gift for me?  I am not worthy of such generosity.  Perhaps I should give this gift to Fulvia.  Here darling, for you!"  That's right, even in ancient Rome, the spirit of giving will be truly appreciated.


Witch of Salem™:


Witch of Salem™ is a cooperative game, one that requires players to share the items and knowledge that they have gathered to defeat the Great Old One.  Perhaps your cohort will be able to figure out which Great Old One is about to destroy the world by cunningly using a copy of the Necronomicon that you have just given to her as a gift.  You might make your friend's day by giving him a Dagger of Leng at just the right moment so that he can defeat a Lava Worm.  And let's face it, nothing says "Holiday" like standing over the body of a giant dead Lava Worm with an ichor-covered dagger raised in triumph.


Lemming Mafia™:

In Lemming Mafia™, players are betting on the order that the six lemmings will finish in for their race.  Of course, if certain lemmings accidentally end up in the river with concrete shoes on that YOU gave them, who could complain.  The real point is that you were willing to give and not receive.


The holidays are a great time of the year to give to those we treasure.  While there are many gifts that will please and thrill our friends and family, the greatest gift of all is our time.  Take some time out of your frantic schedule and spend it with those you love.  Play a game with them and enjoy each other's company.  Do that and you will be able to look back on this holiday and feel that you spent your time wisely.  You can visit us on the web at www.mayfairgames.com for information on our current games and upcoming titles.  Thanks for playing!



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