Why Play Nuns on the Run

“Hearing nuns’ confessions is like being stoned to death with popcorn.”  Fulton J. Sheen

Entertaining during the holidays can be tough. Families converge from across the country and nieces, nephews and cousins who barely know each other have to find something to do while their parents cook, socialize and watch football. During the day outside play is a good option if the weather is good but there’s that time between dinner and bed that is usually filled with TV or video games for the kids. But what if there was a fun, social game the kids could play instead?

Enter Nuns on the RunTM, the cute game of nuns vs. novices published by Mayfair Games and designed by Fréderic Moyersoen. In the game each novice has a secret wish she must fulfill while the nuns have only one goal- keep those naughty novices in their rooms!

Each night the novices are lured out of their rooms in the spooky, mysterious abbey by a secret wish, such as a letter from her mother, some brandy or a cake for the abbess’ birthday. While the novices sneak toward their secret wish, the vigilant nuns patrol the abbey on pre-assigned routes.

The gameplay in Nuns on the RunTM is simple: players either select a movement speed (sneaking, walking or running) or they stand still. Though faster movement gets them to their destination quicker, it also makes noise which can attract the interest of the patrolling nuns.

Because the game is so simple, it can be played by a wide age range (10 and up) and can support groups of varying size, from as few as two to as large as eight. The game is quick and takes about an hour to play.

So this holiday season when you’re preparing for your guests, don’t just get food and drinks, pick up a copy of Nuns on the RunTM from a friendly, local game store near you and enjoy the sound of laughing kids while the adults get reacquainted!

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