WWCC Winners Update

We are closing in on Origins, the first of two WWCC Qualifiers in the US. Winners of the 2010 WWCC Pre-Qualifiers will receive a trip to Columbus, badges for the con, hotel rooms, and a bye into the second round of the WWCC Qualifier Tournament. These winners are: Todd Sweet, Joel Fried, Charles Faella, Joe O'Brien, Kurt Miller, Casey McCullough, Scott Wood and Bryan Rosser. Anyone at Origins can enter this tournament; the eight best players in the first round will plus the eight players above will play for the four seats in the final round. The winner of the final round wins a complimentary trip to Germany to compete for the World Title!
The second WWCC Qualifier will be at GenCon Indy. The following players have won a seat in the second round of that tournament. They are: Josh Baker, Mark Denholm, Carol Leonard, Michael DeGrave, and David Zevin. There are still a few WWCC Pre-Qualifiers to be run. Maybe you will be one of the winners who will be going to GenCon Indy. If not, we hope to see you at GenCon Indy in the first round.
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