Man vs. Meeple Reviews Fight for Olympus

Jeremy Salinas and David Waybright have a youtube review channel I love. Here's their take on Fight for Olympus in video form!

Game Trade Magazine Features The Colonists

John Kaufeld has given The Colonists the once over for our friends at Game Trade Magazine, he says: "With its innovative twists on worker placement, its design filled with mechanics on top of mechanics, and multiple layers of randomization, The Colonists will give you a fresh play experience for many years to come."

The Colonists is a big game and there's a lot in John's review as you'd expect, so I encourage you to go read the whole thing right now.

Keith Law Reviews Barenpark

Our friend Keith Law reviewed Barenpark over at Paste Magazine and here's a bit of what he had to say: Bärenpark is a lightweight tile-placement game along the lines of Patchwork, both of which take the basic concept of Tetris—take a tile, possibly with a weird shape, and place it on your board, with the goal of filling all the open spaces—and turn it into a multiplayer game.

Shannon Applecline Reviews The Colonists

Our friend Shannon Applecline of has reviewed The Colonists and had this to say: The Colonists is a big game. A really big game. You need to be able to commit 2-8 hours to play it, either all at once, or in up to four chunks of time. If you can, it'll be one of the deepest and densest games you've played, with truly evolutionary play along the way.

Check out his full review here!

Gameosity Reviews Barenpark

Our friends at Gameosity have played Barenpark and they like (almost) everything about it!

"Barenpark is an abstract tile-layer. That they went with such a fun, if paper-thin theme is delightful. And yeah, it’s essentially multi-player solitaire, but that fits the weight-class just fine – the simple race that Barenpark represents is perfectly suited to its filler-class length and depth."

Check out their full review here!

Sahm Reviews' Take on Portal of Heroes

Our friends at Sahm Reviews gave Portal of Heroes a look and here's (in part) what they had to say: Portal of Heroes is the second game from Mayfair Games we’ve discovered that has a huge amount of game value in a small box. Oh My Goods ranked up there as one of the most complex small-box games we’ve ever encountered, and Portal of Heroes will also stay in our game bag as one that is easy to teach, yet offers much more than a standard game of Hearts or Rummy.

New Storefront Website

Starting May 22, 2017, Mayfair Games will move its web storefront presence to a different site. The new site is

This web site will house our news, posts about upcoming events and products, volunteer management, rules archive, and other web related materials. If you have an account on this site, it will NOT be duplicated on the other.

Deseret News - Portal of Heroes Review

For lovers of fantasy, Portal of Heroes offers travel through the portals of Molthar into a world of folklore. From two to five players attempt to gather magical pearls and quickly trade them for fantastical creatures. Gain 12 insignias of power to win the game.

Portal of Heroes is a great game. It is well designed, innovative and fun to play. Gamers looking for a nicely themed card game to break out at the next game night will be pampered by this gem of game.

Follow the link to