1829 Mainline England - Glassglow to London

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2006, January 1
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There are no dice or chance cards in this game. All players start with the same amount of money which they use to invest in Railway Shares. These depict real railways that ran in Britain during the Nineteenth Century.

The companies build railway lines by laying tiles on the map board. They also buy trains and run them to connect stations of different values. The money thus earned may be paid out to share holders as a dividend or it maybe retained to buy new trains, build bridges, cross mountains or establish new bases. There must be one such base on each company route. These bases are shown by colored tokens that clearly define each companies field of operation. Stations that are not so identified may be used by any company.

Trains are bought in order of size. The tiles on the board may be up-dated in the order yellow, green, brown and finally gray.

When a dividend is paid the value of the shares (usually) rises. When the dividend is retained the share price falls. As the railways grow the share prices will reflect company fortunes. Earnings are used to buy further shares. In this way changes of Director may occur and give the player control of someone else's company!

When the bank funds are exhausted the game finishes. Players add the current value of their shares to their holdings in cash and this determines the winner.

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