Mayfair Games: Game Shepherd Volunteer Program

Expectations of a Game Shepherd

• Is friendly and enthusiastic
• Loves playing games – especially Mayfair Games
• Enjoys teaching others how to play our games
• Plays well with others
• Presents themselves in a fun, mature and professional manner
• Assists in the promotion of Mayfair Games and the protection of its IP
• Helps organize and run game demos and events at their local game stores, game groups, libraries, schools, community outreach or regional conventions
• Runs game demos at key annual conventions (Gen Con, Origins & PAX Prime/East)
• Creates a fun environment for the players
• Presents themselves in a clean and neat uniform during demos/work shift(s). This includes the provided Game Shepherd T-shirt(s) along with appropriate jeans or khakis (strongly recommended) – capris, skirts, kilts and shorts, mid-thigh or longer, are also acceptable. Athletic, yoga & sweat pants are not acceptable uniform elements.
• Is at least 18 years of age (only exception is for a child who is at least 13 years old and a child of a current Game Shepherd, under the supervision of said Shepherd, and can demo core products and meet the above expectations)
• Be able to demo a diverse cross section of the Mayfair Games product line while being open to learning and teaching new games as needed.

What are the benefits?

• Free Game Shepherd uniform T-shirt(s)
• Free badge to select game conventions
• Discounts on games and swag
• Advance notice of upcoming releases
• Play-testing opportunities at select conventions

Types of Participation Available

Game conventions are where we conduct most of our game demos but below are those opportunities and others that are locally focused.

• Convention Support
• General demos
• Event Game Master
• In-store demos
• Game group demos
• Event support
• Libraries
• Schools
• Community Outreach

Levels of Participation

Game Shepherd Apprentice
First year volunteer with Mayfair Games and/or 20 demo hours or less total
Game Shepherd
Two or more years volunteering with Mayfair Games and a minimum of 30 demo hours per year
Lead Game Shepherd
Game Shepherds who show strong leadership potential by taking initiative, demonstrated leadership abilities and a communicated interested in additional responsibility may be promoted to Lead Game Shepherd as the need presents itself.
This position includes such positions as shift leaders at the larger conventions in the event room and booth.

Game Shepherd Program Forms

Volunteer Photo Release Form
Volunteer Hold Harmless Form
Game Shepherd Demo Report
Demo Report Details Sheet

Game Shepherd Credit – Gamer Greenbacks

As part of the Mayfair Games volunteer program you have the opportunity to earn credit that can be used for the purchase of games and swag along with some bonus opportunities listed below.

As part of the program you will earn:

5 points per hour demoed
Each point = $1 credit earned in the form of Mayfair Gamer Greenbacks

Mayfair Gamer Greenbacks can be used for the following:

• Purchasing Mayfair games at full retail prices (plus Shipping & Handling)
See below for convention discounts.
• Purchasing Mayfair swag at 50% off the full retail price (plus Shipping & Handling)
• Pre-release Game Advocate Membership - If you have 100 points in your account on the 1st of January, April, July or October – you may choose to spend those 100 points and join the special Game Advocate Group. You will receive a copy of all new games released during that six-month period.

Other credit details:

• Credit earned for demos at an event will be applied to your account within 7 business days of the last day of the event and/or receipt of your event report (as it applies). (Exceptions include Origins, Gen Con, PAX East and PAX Prime)
• Games and swag may be purchased (without points) at Origins, Gen Con, PAX South, PAX East and PAX Prime at 50% off the full retail prices (some exceptions may apply)
• You must earn 50 points each year to remain active (credit remains active for two years)
• Must demo a diverse cross section of Mayfair Games products to help ensure representation of entire product line.
NOTE: Details regarding your credit status and the process for redeeming credit will be coming soon.

Game Demo/Event Submission Process

• If coordinating an event on a local level – you must submit the event details on the Mayfair Games website for approval at least 3 weeks prior to the demo event. This allows us time to promote these events through our website and social media platforms.
• Follow-up reports for game demo events must be submitted within 7-days of the event.
Game Shepherd Demo Report – completed by each Game Shepherd. If additional space is needed for lots of demos use this Demo Report Details Sheet .
• Demo Event Evaluation - completed by the store owner/event organizer - COMING SOON!
• Participants are encouraged to connect to the Mayfair Games social media accounts to stay informed of upcoming product, events and general information.
• Must keep your online Volunteer Account, on the Mayfair Games website, up to date.

For additional details on the Game Demo/Event Process follow this link to the Game Demo/Event Submission Process page.

Game Advocate Membership Program

Pre-release Game Advocate Membership - If you have 100 points in your account on the 1st of January, April, July or October – you may choose to spend those 100 points and join the special Game Advocate Group. You will receive a copy of all new games released during that six-month period.

As a Game Advocate you will automatically receive a copy of each newly released Mayfair Games title during your 6-month enrollment period. The goal of this program is to get new product into the hands of those (that would be you) who love playing our games and teaching them to others in addition to getting the public exposed to the new products in a more timely and constructive way.

As part of this specialized program, there is an expectation that you will take these new products to your local game stores, game groups, libraries or conventions and promote & demo said games. This could include things like a pre-release event at your local game store – which will help create buzz for the upcoming title and hopefully additional sales for the store. You can also expect opportunities to earn extra points during special promotional periods… ex. If you demo Zen Garden twice (two separate events) during a specific two-week period… you will earn an additional 10 pts.

NOTE: Games received as part of the Game Advocate Membership Program are for promotional or personal use only. They are not intended for resale, barter or exchange.

Game Shepherd Volunteer User Account Set-Up

Here is a step-by-step process to set up your Volunteer User Account...
• Follow the Create New Account link on the front page of the website to set-up a user account.
• At that point you will be logged into the website and you'll receive an email verifying that you've set up said account.
• To complete the process of setting up your Game Shepherd Volunteer Account you now follow the My Account link that can be found in the upper right corner of the page.
• On the next page there will be four tabs, you'll now want to click on the edit tab which will take you to the next screen where you can change your password, set your time zone and check the box to Apply to be a Volunteer.
• Once you've checked the box then hit the save link in the lower left corner.
• You will then be taken to the next screen where you will complete all your volunteer details including basic contact information, games you can teach, a list of 3 games that are your favorites (to select more than one game, hold down the command key and click on all that apply), and some additional information is also requested including convention information, T-shirt size and more.
• From there you will click the save button one more time and your account will be set up and ready to go.

Completing this information helps us better serve you and our retail partners for future volunteer opportunities.

We do ask that you log on periodically to make sure your information is up-to-date.

Origins & Gen Con Details

For Origins & Gen Con volunteers are required to work a minimum of 5 shifts (a minimum of 20 hours) to receive a badge as part of their compensation. Preference will be given to those volunteers who can cover a consistent shift each day to help ensure consistency of shift crews. We are also requesting people consider picking up a late night shift in the event room to help cover the additional needs of the Git-Together events.

For shift details visit the Origins & Gen Con Details page.

If you have any additional questions, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@mayfairgames.com.

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