Game Demo/Event Submission Process

Game Demo/Event Submission Process

If you are coordinating a game demo/event at the local level – please use the following steps.

  • Event Set-Up:
    • You must first coordinate with your local game store owner/manager, convention coordinator or event organizer to define the needs, goals and expectations.
    • Once details are finalized for the game demo/event – you must submit the event details on the Mayfair Games website for approval and email a notice to the Volunteer Coordinator at
      • This ideally needs to happen at least 3 weeks prior to the demo/event – allowing us time to approve the demo/event and promote it through our website and social media sites.  NOTE:  This also give the store/convention/event time to promote that you’ll be there as well.
  • During the event:
    • Be sure to present yourself in a fun, mature and professional manner.
    • Present yourself in a clean and neat uniform.  This includes the provided Game Shepherd t-shirt (upon completion of 20 demo hours) along with the appropriate jeans or khakis (strongly recommended) – capris, skirts, kilts and shorts (mid-thigh or longer), are also acceptable.  Athletic, yoga and sweat pants are not acceptable uniform elements.
    • Be sure to take note of the information needed to complete the Game Shepherd Demo Report.
    • Take photos!!
    • Have FUN!! J
  • Event Follow-Up:
    • Within 7-days of the game demo/event be sure the following reports are submitted by emailing them to
      • Game Shepherd Demo Report – completed by EACH Game Shepherd
      • Demo Event Evaluation – completed by the store owner/manager, convention coordinator or event organizer.
      • Game credit earned for a demo/event will typically be applied to your account within 7 business days of receipt of your Game Shepherd Demo Report.


Social Media Connection Benefits…

  • Encourage the store, convention, event to connect to Mayfair Games on any of the social media platforms they may have accounts set up for.  This makes it easy for us to connect to them and help in the promotion of the event on a larger scale.
  • If you are a social media guru and make any social media posts during the event… be sure to tag @MayfairGames in your post.  By doing so we can share, retweet, like, love, etc…
  • If you take photos and send them to during or by end of day for your event – chances are we will be able to get them posted to the Mayfair Games Facebook page for some additional PR for the store/convention/event – that same day.
  • Mayfair Games can be found on the following social media sites:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google+
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    • Pinterest
    • Flickr
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