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Abstract, Fantasy, Historical, Military Strategy, Science Fiction, Transportation

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Auction/Bidding, Business Management, Cooperation, Deductive Reasoning, Dexterity, Diceless, Economics, Forward Planning, Geography, Math, Memory, Military Strategy, Moral Choices, Negotiation, Opponent Anticipation, Partnerships, Poker Elements, Probabilities, Resource Management, Stocks/Commodity Speculation, Strategic Thinking, Trading/Negotiation, Vocabulary

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18XX, Academy Games, Amigo, Catan, Empire Builder, FunFair, Kosmos, Martin Wallace, Mayfair, MSP, Phalanx, Steam, Tree Frog Games

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Flying Turtle, Fraggor Brothers, FunConnection, Kidult, Kosmos, Mayfair, Phalanx, Tree Frog Games

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Rob Anderson, Roberta Barletta, Guiseppe Bau, Chris Baylis, Kevin Beckey, Alexander S. Berg, Andrew Bond, Fabrizio Bonifacio, Inka Brand, Markus Brand, Darwin P. Bromley, The Lamont Brothers, Günter Burkhardt, Jessie Carr, Derek Carver, Frank Chadwick, S. Coleman Charlton, P.R Chase, Leo Colovini, Luca Coppola, Bill Crenshaw, Richard Crosa, Franz-Benno Delonge, Brigette Ditt, Bill Dixon, Morgan Dontanville, Rüdiger Dorn, Stefan Dorra, Dominque Ehrhard, Uwe Eickert, Bernd Eisenstein, Empire Builder Design Team, Massimiliano Enrico, James Ernest, Bruno Fadutti, Stephan Feld, Chiara Ferlito, Luigi Ferrini, Friedemann Friese, Thorsten Gimmler, Domenico De Giorgio, Heinrich Glumpler, Dave Heberer, Claudia Hely, Stephan Herminghaus, Ronald Hofstaetter, Paul Van Hove, Hermann Huber, Alvydas Jakeliunas, Dietmar Keusch, Michael Kiesling, Kane Klenko, Reiner Knizia, Wolfgang Kramer, James Kyle, Michel Lalet, Torsten Landsvogt, Carlo Lazzevi, Frederic Leygonie, Simone Luciani, Stephano Luperto, Ron Magin, Mayfair Games Crew, Alan R Moon, Frederic Moyersoen, Jim Musser, Walter Obert, Helmut Ohley, Roman Pelek, Andreas Pelikan, Filippo Percivale, Alexander Pfister, Ted Racier, Charles Rice, Sandie Richardson, Michael Rieneck, Stefan Risthaus, Los Rodrigues, Uwe Rosenberg, Carlo A. Rossi, Lorenc Roznai, Horst-Rainer Rösner, Alessandro Saragosa, Michael Schacht, Alfred Victor Schultz, Mike Selinker, Phillip J Smith, Silvano Sorrentino, Stefan Stadler, Andreas Steding, M. Robert Stribula, Klaus Teuber, Marco Teubner, Nicholas Trahan, Francis Tresham, Jean Vanaise, Liesbeth Vanzeir, Renaud Verlaque, Dan Verssen, Martin Wallace, Lawrence Whalen Jr., Tom Wham, Klaus-Jürgen Wrede, Chris Young, Gero Zahn, Alessandro Zucchini

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