Julie A. Yeager

Director of Marketing & Community Engagement

Julie works from home in Ypsilanti, MI

She has worked for Mayfair Games since 2012 and in those three years she has taken on a variety of roles including her primary responsibility of wrangling our 300+ volunteers and overseeing our online social media presence. She also serves as the photography guru with the responsibility of event and product photos. Her experience with Mayfair has been like no other! It has been a welcoming, crazy and amazing experience so far with many adventures to come.

Julie’s educational background is in Fine Art from Siena Heights University and Recreation Programming from Bowling Green State University. Prior to working for Mayfair Games, she worked for a variety of Girl Scout councils in Ohio and Michigan. Her primary roles were Outdoor Program Manager/Camp Director and Program Services Director where she was responsible for overseeing and facilitating youth programming for K-12 and managing a core group of volunteers.

One of Julie’s goals while working for Mayfair is to always do what she can to provide the best customer experience possible. Whether that’s helping at an event, demoing a game, answering questions online, etc… the customer is what allows us to do what we do… provide great, quality games of our generation!

When Julie is not working she enjoys spending time with friends, being outdoors, creating art, traveling, and doing any of these with her husband Alex who she met working at camp and introduced her to world of gaming!

"If I don't think I'm having fun, I'd better move on." - Sandra Blacksmith

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