Errata: 1830™

Errata for: 1830™ (MFG1830) 

As has been noted, the recent release of 1830 contained several unfortunate errors on the tiles and game board. Though not significantly affecting gameplay, these are not acceptable errors to a release that is designed to be the definitive version of a classic game, and Mayfair has been working to find a solution that will address these problems as effectively as possible. 
As a side note, Mayfair has a commitment (and strong historical precedence) to both improving our processes to not make these mistakes again (whether they be internal or external), and fixing mistakes as best as possible to the satisfaction of the consumer. Fixes are not trivial—we have larger print runs than many other manufacturers, we have partners to coordinate changes with, and other products to work on concurrently. But, when a problem exists in one of our games, we will do our best to fix it to the community’s satisfaction.
Mayfair will be producing a tile sheet with corrected versions of all tiles in error. This newly-revised tile sheet is currently available in PDF form at [address]. We will respond on this forum thread and on the 1830 errata area of our website at [address] when the tile sheets are available. These will be sent free of charge to any owner of a Mayfair edition of 1830. We will provide an e-mail address for owners to send their address to once the sheets are available. There are already tiles that correct the board issues, and the errata rules sheet spells out how to use those tiles for gameplay.
Our international licensees will also have copies of this tile sheet made available to them, and if you currently have a copy of 1830 from another publisher, contact them to find out their distribution policy. Note that the Dutch and Italian versions of 1830 are currently being assembled, and will ship with the errata tile sheet already included. Furthermore, all current copies of 1830 that remain in our warehouse will be opened, have the errata tile sheet and rules included, and reassembled. Future purchasers of 1830 may find their tile sheet already included in the box (but if not, the above applies).
We truly regret these errors, and hope that this will demonstrate our commitment to 1830 and our future support of the 18xx line of games. Should you have any questions, I’ll compile them as they appear and provide answers as best I can.
Alex Yeager
Mayfair Games

This errata is being distributed to owners of the new 1830 and can be ordered by emailing and is also available for download from the Mayfair Games website below:

1830™ Errata