Robert Carty

In the fall of 1997, Robert was enlisted by the new Mayfair management team on a contract basis to assist with various tasks. He joined Mayfair Games as their Director of Sales & Marketing on February, 13 1998, just in time for the '98 New York Toy Fair. (more)

Coleman Charlton

In the late-90s, Coleman joined the Mayfair team--serving ever since as a game developer, editor, production grunt, game-demo'er, and shareholder. He currently shares an office with Pete Fenlon at the ongoing construction site that serves as the Mayfair Games' studio. (more)

Dan Decker


Morgan Dontanville


Pete Fenlon

Pete's passion for board games led him to join with the core of the Mayfair's management team in 1996 to take over and help rejuvenate Mayfair Games. Pete has since served as a shareholder, counsel, chairman, and CEO of Mayfair Games. His real role, though, is as Studio Director. (more)

Kim Marino


Brad McWilliams


Jim Miles


Chuck Rice

Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, Chuck attended the University of South Florida and graduated with a degree in English. From 2002 to 2011 he worked as a freelance writer before joining Mayfair Games’ marketing department. (more)

Bridget Roznai


Larry Roznai

Larry became a part of Mayfair Games' extended family when he attended Gencon as a company guest in 1990. His strong operations and management skills impressed the new Mayfair Games ownership team, and in 1999 he left the forced air industry and joined Mayfair Games as a board member, President, and COO. (more)

Loren Roznai


Guido Teuber

As managing director of Catan GmbH/LLC, Guido works closely with Mayfair Games, Inc. on the "The Settlers of Catan" line of games as well as other successful board and card game designs by Klaus Teuber. (more)

Alex Yeager

Alex has a variety of board game, card game and role-playing playtest credits. Alex started working with the Mayfair Games crew in the late 1990s, and became a full-time member of the Mayfair team in 2005. (more)

Julie A. Yeager


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