Robert Carty, Director of Sales & Marketing

Robert Carty was born and raised in southern, Illinois, just east of St. Louis Missouri (and south of the great ruined mound city of Cahokia). He has long fostered a love of games and saw weekly game play with his family as a child. In 1973 he began exploring the world of classic Avalon Hill and SPI wargames, all bought with money earned from a paper route. In 1977 he was introduced to role playing games--first Dungeons & Dragons and then Rolemaster (The Iron Wind of Vog Mur).

He entered the trade in 1985 in the service of Glenwood, then the largest comic distributor in the US, as a warehouseman. After two weeks he became the assistant Manager and two weeks later responsible for all game products and sales.

He departed Glenwood in 1987 on the 6th of January. In March of 1987 he entered service with Diamond Comic Distributors. There, he successfully expanded the games selection to include full-line TSR, FASA, ICE, Hero, Grenadier, Mayfair, and other lines. On the 10th of July 1988, he departed Diamond Comic Distributors for southern Florida. The very next day he began service with Liberty Hobby Distributors. Liberty grew over the next 8 years to be the 4th largest game distributor in the US. Robert separated from service with Liberty Hobby Distributors on the 12th of September, 1997.

In the fall of 1997, Robert was enlisted by the new Mayfair management team on a contract basis to assist with various tasks. He joined Mayfair Games as their Director of Sales & Marketing on February, 13 1998, just in time for the '98 New York Toy Fair. He remains, to this day, in that critical role.

Robert served the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) for 11 years, as both a board member and as Secretary. It is noteworthy that he was the first non-manufacturer ever to be elected to the board of directors.

He resides currently in Florida, with his wife and two children.

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