Coleman Charlton, Game Developer & Editor

Coleman Charlton was born and grew up in the wilds of central Virginia almost a hundred years after the War of Northern Aggression. While working on an undergraduate degree in math at the University of Virginia in the early '70s, he fell victim to the twin obsessions of board gaming and role playing. As his academic career continued, he entered the field of Computer Science--almost becoming a "ten-yeared" graduate student before eventually completing his Masters and PhD.

This extended period of studying, research, and gaming (not necessarily in that order) coincided with co-founding Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) and co-designing the Rolemaster role playing game along with various other games and game supplements.

Then as Managing Editor at ICE, he designed and developed a variety of games over the next couple of decades--winning awards for the Lonely Mountain board game and the Middle-earth Collectible Card Game.

Coleman has also done freelance writing and design for a wide variety of projects. These include: an online mystery game as a promotion for Steven Spielberg's "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence" film, and "Catan Online" for Castle Hill Studios and Microsoft.

In the late-90s, Coleman joined the Mayfair team--serving ever since as a game developer, editor, production grunt, game-demo'er, and shareholder. He currently shares an office with Pete Fenlon at the ongoing construction site that serves as the Mayfair Games' studio.

Coleman lives in the heart of Virginia in Charlottesville, Home of the Hoos! When not working and gaming, he enjoys reading, playing & watching Basketball, traveling, and relaxing with family and friends.

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