Pete Fenlon, Mayfair Games Studio Manager

Pete Fenlon was born in Japan and spent his youth as a military brat in Nebraska, DC, Germany, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Virginia, becoming a wildly inquisitive and somewhat restless fellow. He's an avid traveler, tinkerer, outdoorsman, and gamer. After completing a History (& Anthropology) degree at the University of Virginia, he hung out in DC for a couple of years. Then he wandered south to Williamsburg, where finished a law degree at William & Mary. At the same time, Pete co-founded Iron Crown Enterprises, Inc. (ICE), which published his "Rolemaster" role-playing game, and a host of other adventure games and books rooted in Middle-earth, Narnia, the world of Sherlock Holmes, etc. He designed games, created maps, and served as ICE's president for the next twenty years.

Pete's passion for board games, though, led him to join with the core of the Mayfair's management team in 1996 to take over and help rejuvenate Mayfair Games. Pete has since served as a shareholder, counsel, chairman, and CEO of Mayfair Games. His real role, though, is as Studio Director.

In 2000, Pete joined Jordan Weisman, Elan Lee, and (especially) Sean Stewart to create an innovative viral, cross-media mystery game as a promotion for Steven Spielberg's "A.I.: Artificial Intelligence" film. He worked with a splendid team from Microsoft—notably Dan Carver, Todd Lubsen, and Scot Bayless—to launch the most acclaimed internet-based product of that year. That led to the creation of Castle Hill Studios, LLC (CHS), a software house based in Virginia composed of Pete, Coleman Charlton, and a cadre of ex-Kesmai and ex-EA engineers and developers. CHS developed the "Catan Online Game" for the Microsoft Corporation. Castle Hills Studios now serves as the Mayfair Games Studio.

So, Pete's real job is to manage Mayfair Games' studio program. Both he and Coleman Charlton are responsible for Mayfair's graphics and pre-press program. The team also constitutes part of Mayfair's core design and development staff. Their plentiful work is invariably a labor of love.

Pete lives by the Blue Ridge in historic downtown Charlottesville, VA with his beloved wife, Olivia Johnston. An Eagle Scout, he remains active with the Boy Scouts of America. When he's not hiking or rafting in the Appalachian Mountains, Pete's building, drinking fine beverages, eating good food, and vainly biking off his excesses. He dabbles in just about everything else. (Yes, he has a focus problem.)

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