Guido Teuber, Catan Public Relations & Marketing Manager

Guido Teuber is both representative Licensor at Catan GmbH/LLC and a shareholder of Mayfair Games, Inc. Originally from Germany, he has lived in the US since 1997. After pursuing undergraduate and graduate studies in international affairs in New Orleans and Washington, DC, Guido decided to work full-time in the gaming industry.

As managing director of Catan GmbH/LLC, Guido works closely with Mayfair Games, Inc. on the "The Settlers of Catan" line of games as well as other successful board and card game designs by Klaus Teuber. Catan GmbH and Mayfair Games share a variety of common goals, which provide the groundwork for both firms to function well within a creative, cooperative, and comprehensive strategic vision. Ranging from rules translation and editing to PR and marketing, Guido is collaborating on a daily basis with the Mayfair management team.

Personally, Guido would like to see German-style games to be as successful globally as they are in Germany. In support of this vision, he promotes the strong bonds between the Catan GmbH and its primary English-language licensee, Mayfair Games. As licensing director of Catan GmbH, Guido also works with other licensees such as the Microsoft Corporation, and it is his mission to insure that their Catan-related electronic games complement Mayfair's publishing and marketing programs.

Guido lives in the California Bay Area with his American wife Emily and their sons Liam and Leif. Though a German by trade, he has disloyally announced his preference for "New Castle Brown Ale", his favorite beer.

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