Catanimals Play Variant

They look nice, those small plush fellows shaped after the Catanian resources. But what should one do with

them? They donít make good pillows; theyíre too small for that. Since they have no aperture, they donít qualify as egg cozies either, and if you abuse them as missiles during an argument with your partner, youíll hardly cause any effect.

Theyíre probably better suited as eye-catchers for the sofa or to make bookshelves or gameshelves look less monotonous. Now, is that supposed to be all that happens in the Catanimalsí lives? When you look at them, donít they seem to be saying, ďPlay with me!Ē? From its place on the sofa, doesnít the plush brick seem to peer at the island of Catan each time a player builds a settlement or city next to its native hills?

Letís just have them participate in our game!

The rules are quite simple. At the beginning of the game, place the plush fellows on a neutral spot somewhere on the game table. If the table is too small, you may also off er them an unoccupied chair to make themselves comfortable in.

Then all you have to do is count a little during your Catan game. A player who builds a settlement receives, for each adjacent terrain, one point for the terrainís resource type. For example, if you place a settlement on an intersection between hills, fi elds, and forest, you receive one brick point, one grain point, and one forest point. A city, of course, earns you two points per each adjacent terrain. Th e same applies to a settlement adjacent to a special harbor: if you build a settlement next to a special harbor, you also collect one point for the harborís resource type, and if you build a city there, you collect 2 points.

The first one to have 3 points of a resource type may take the corresponding plush fellow, who from now on keeps this player company during play and also earns him a victory point. If, for example, you have 3 brick points, you receive the brick plush and the associated victory point. However, the Catanimals arenít particularly loyal. Itís similar to what happens when the Longest Road or Largest Army change hands: if an opponent has more points of a certain resource type than you, the corresponding plush fellow immediately changes over to your opponent. After all, he seems to esteem the Catanimals more than you.

If you integrate the Catanimals into your game, you should play until reaching 12 victory points in a 3-4 player game and 11 victory points in a 5-6 player game. Needless to say that you can combine the Catanimals with the scenarios of the expansions. In those cases, you should increase the number of victory points required to win the game by one or two.

Have lots of fun playing with your Catanimals! Please download the PDF on the right to keep a copy of the rules.

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