Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) of the Month

Apr 16, 2014

Friendly Local Game Store of the Month!

We are looking for the best of the best when it comes to Mayfair Authorized Retailers. 

Just follow the link below to find out how to enter your store for a chance to be the Friendly Local Game Store of the Month!

Based on qualified entries received we will draw one lucky winner each week that will be highlighted on our website and Facebook. From those weekly winners we will then choose the best of the best from those entries that will be showcased on our website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+. Pinterest, Instagram and in the next Consumer and MAR newsletters.

This is a great opportunity to increase the visibility of your store and share those things that make you great with a wider audience.  Don’t miss out!!


So, what makes your store unique, successful and the best of the best?

To be eligible we are asking you to submit the following information with 8-10 photos from your store.


1. Store Name:

2. Store Owner(s):

3. Store Manager(s):

4. Store Address:

5. City, State, Zip:

6. Store hours:

7. Social Media Sites

       a.   Facebook:  ☐ yes  ☐ no  If yes, account name is:

       b.   Twitter:  ☐ yes  ☐ no  If yes, account name is:

       c.   Pinterest:  ☐ yes  ☐ no  If yes, account name is:

       d.   Google+:  ☐ yes  ☐ no  If yes, account name is:

       e.   Instagram:  ☐ yes  ☐ no  If yes, account name is:

8. Date your store was established:

9. Number of employees:

10. Why do you love running a retail store?

11. #1 reason your customers shop with you?

12. What makes your store unique/different from othergame/hobby/toy stores?

13. Please submit 8-10 photos including the following:

       a.    Store front

       b.    Staff photos (owner/manager/employees) – pleaseinclude names/positions in email

       c.     Demo/game play area

       d.    Mayfair product displays

       e.    Special events

       f.      Other things that make your store unique


Once your information has been received, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know you’ve been entered into the drawing for the upcoming month.  Please note, your entry will not be submitted into the drawing without the above information – please send all info requested.

For questions and to submit your entries, email Julie Yeager at



Gold Ahoy!

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